Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

It is that time of year. The time when I stress over just which card to mail out in celebration of the Christmas season. I LOVE picture cards and that is all I have ever sent. (They are my favorite to get too) The first year it was a picture of our little family of 3 ( Me, The Mr. and the Goldendoodle). Then the last 2 years we have had some super cute pictures of our family of 4 that include our little guy on the card. I would have loved to had another Snyder child to add to the Christmas card this year, but since there has not been much luck in that department just yet- we will be having another card as our family of 4. I have always used and have been very pleased with the outcome. I have already been perusing the website looking for just the right one for 2010. I have over 1,000 pictures from the last few months to choose from and then I heard the news that Shutterfly was offering 50 FREE cards to bloggers!! This made me sooooo happy and I just had to share!

Here are my TOP 3  as of today. Which one do you like?

I have a SUPER cute black and white picture of C that would be GREAT on this one.

I LOVE the idea of a TOP 10 list.

Dear Friends and Family-
You may be seeing this in your mailbox in a few weeks with
pictures of an even cuter kid.

I scoured the web last year for a 12 picture card!!
I always use Shutterfly and I highly recommend them. I gave PHOTO CALENDARS to all grandparents last year for Christmas and it was a hit. I am working on some super cute GIFT TAGS for my gifts this year and I think that these PHOTO CANVASES will be a perfect grandparent gift this year!
If you have not used Shutterfly before head on over and get started now! You will thank me later!

Bloggers: to find out more about sharing your love of Shutterfly and earning FREE Christmas Cards go HERE.

I will keep you posted on my card choice (when I make one that is)!

Here is one photo option. My friend Lori took this one last week.
He looks very "elfish" and I like it!



  1. He DOES look elfish! I love it!!! Adorable! They'll turn out fabulous, I'm sure!! :)

  2. funny....two out of your three are ones I've picked as well!! :) what great taste we have! by the way, love the little elf!!


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