Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Our Weekends Count.

I am not filled with working mom guilt. Sometimes I even fell guilty that I am not filled with working mom guilt but I love my job (most days), I love the little adult conversation that my job allows, I love doing what I am good at and hopefully making a positive impact on a few kids along the way. But I do love weekends. I will not say I live for weekends, but I like to live up the weekends. The weekend is my battery recharge and my time with my family. During the work week I only see my children at their worst and the weekend I get to see all of them- the good, bad and ugly.

What do I mean? Well... I do not see my kids in the morning. I leave my house at around 6:45 (well, I try to anyway) and they are all still in bed. I pack lunches, lay out clothes and all that jazz, but Stuart gets them up, fed, dressed and out the door each morning. They are usually so happy in the mornings and I don't get to see that. By the time I get them in the afternoons they are grumpy, they are hungry and we are all tired.  I pick up Clark from school as soon as I put my school kids on the bus. I usually walk right over to his school from my bus line and pick him up. He then comes to school with me for about an hour and a half while I wrap up the day, go to meetings, grade papers and close down room 204. He usually plays on my iPad, watches a TV show or colors. Not a whole lot of interaction as I am still in work mode. We talk- yes, but he does not have all of me.

At about 4:30 we head to pick up the babes. They are always excited to see me, but the excitement is short lived. By the time we walk in the house they are all standing at the pantry whining for food. I am trying to give them something to eat to keep them at bay while I struggle to find something to fix for dinner.  (I am the queen of- "oops I forgot to lay out the meat"!) While I cook dinner they are at my feet. They are whiny. They are usually in tears. They are on my nerves and I have only seen them for such a short time. I hate that they are on my nerves and I try to remain clam, but usually at least one night a week someone if not all of them end up in timeout and I need a beer while cooking dinner.

Then we eat. After we eat we clean up. After we clean up it is bath time- sometimes we will take a walk depending on the severity of the mess and the weather outside. After clean up or walk it is bath time. After all are bathed it is usually bedtime. Yes, that quickly. The little ones go to bed at 7:00. They are toast after 7:00. So 7:00 it is. After bedtime routines we have about 45 minutes to an hour with Clark before he goes to bed at 8:00. We usually work outside- he loves that, play a game, watch a show or play in the play room. At 8:00 he gets  bedtime stories from daddy and I am cleaning something. By 9:00 I am toast too. I can be found on the couch watching mindless TV, reading blogs, and playing Facebook or Instagram. I clean up the kitchen, put in some laundry and pick up any toys that are scattered first, because once I sit down there is no going back. If the dishwasher and the washer are both running it makes me feel better about sitting down- like I accomplished something anyway. I should be working out, I should be blogging, I should be doing something productive- but I just cannot. Our evenings FLY by. We are like a machine when we get home and by the time they are in bed I am not far behind. I usually make my way to bed between 10 and 11depending what is on TV and if I have fallen asleep on the couch already. Exciting I know.

SO- This is why I NEED the weekend. I need to see my kids when they are happy. I NEED time to talk to my husband. I NEED to be outside. I NEED no schedule. So yes, our weekends are usually packed full of activities- but we always have down time and I try to soak it all in. I have a great job because I get summer break, spring break, fall break, holidays and I NEED them all. This time is wild, but I would have it no other way. Summer break is in 23 days and our days will change drastically.  I will have all of them everyday all day and yes, it will be a new challenge but I am so excited for it. I NEED it.

Some visual examples of why I heart weekends:
 1. There is time for patio dining and playground playing in our neighborhood.

2.There is time for birthday parties with friends.

3. There is time for outdoor festivals.

4. There is time for ice cream dates.

5. There is time for dress up and light saber battles.

6. There is time for picnics at church.

7. There is time for parties at C's school.

8. There is time for so much more than whining, dinner and baths. Yes, all of that is included in our weekends too- BUT there is time for other things and the other things are much needed.

What do your weekends look like?
Am I the only one who is thankful for weekend time?


  1. This sounds exactly like my house...I can totally relate! We have 23 days until summer too and I am soooo ready for a break! (But I'm always ready for school to start back, too!) ;-)

  2. Oh goodness! I am RIGHT there with you. I see my kids at night at their worst and it isn't until the weekend when I remember how much I love and adore my kids!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Your weekends look awesome!

  4. I could not have explained my thoughts any better! Enjoy every minute of your summer with your own babies...I know I will :)

  5. Ahhh! Thanks for sharing your family. I agree with you completely!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  6. Just read this and I love it. Motherhood is certainly not a cake walk, as I've quickly discovered in 2 1/2 months (and Lincoln is a GREAT baby). But, although it may be hard, it's equally as rewarding :)


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