Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

We had a pretty low key Easter weekend which is just what I needed seeing as I got back at 6:00 am Saturday morning after spending a week in Washington DC with my 5th graders. I was worn out but came home to a clean house thanks to my mom for staying with my tribe while I was gone. Stuart could have totally done it alone, but the house would not have been as put together and that was NICE to come home to. I also bunny shopped before I left so that was all taken care of too, and I made lunch reservations so that I would not have to cook (me cook...ha!). Saturday I napped and we hung out with my parents and colored eggs.

Sunday my parents and Stuart's parents both went to church with us and that was so nice. The sermon was great and I loved having everyone there with us. We attempted a few pictures after church and that was wild as usual and then we went to lunch at the restaurant in our neighborhood. Where they cook, they clean up and we walk away. NICE. After lunch all the grandparents left and 4 of the 5 Snyders napped while Clark ran the house then we had our own front yard egg hunt.

They had a baby lamb at church!

I tried. They boys were in, but SK was having none of it.

Quick picture with mamaw Loschert.

They would not sit still, they would not smile- but by golly they would show their bellies!

Seriously. The best I could do...

Snyder Boys.

Grandpa Snyder was the entertainment at lunch. 

Our egg hunt  was quite fun seeing as how we missed the church egg hunt by about 30 seconds the weekend before...Yeah- we got there, baskets ready to go as we were getting out of the car they sounded the bell and by the time we got to the correct spot for our age groups they were done. We got ZERO eggs and Clark was not happy. So we waited until all the kids unloaded the goodies from their eggs and put and returned them and I took a bag full of empty eggs and tossed them around in the grass for them to "find". That was good enough for them and the promise of  a Happy Meal afterwards made Clark forget that the eggs were empty. So when we hunted eggs in the front yard and they were FULL of money, goldfish or candy Clark was thrilled! It was fun to watch he and Sara Kate go for them. Shepard just enjoyed romping through the grass dragging his basket behind him. Eggs Shmeggs. He just loved being outside running around.

Church egg hunt. Notice the sad face and empty baskets.

Our pretend egg hunt.

She was an old pro.

My tiny egg hunters.

My biggest egg hunter.

At home- Easter Sunday egg hunt. We found EGGS!!

Ready for the hunt.

Post hunt treat check.

In action.
Empty basket but loved the adventure.

Me and my babies. 

These little Snyders are a wild bunch and made for a pretty entertaining Easter weekend.
If you read this post thanks for sticking around this ol' blog. I know I am hit or miss and overload with pictures, but life is wild and my kids are pretty cute so I rarely have time to blog and I take loads of pictures.
Have a GREAT week!!

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