Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The SUPER Party

Saturday June 9th we celebrated in a super way. We celebrated one super kid and celebrate we did. Clark loves a good party. When he knows it is your birthday his first question is "what kind of party are you going to have?". He has been talking about having a super hero party for a few months now and that is just what we had. We/He narrowed it down to a baseball, pirate or superhero party and once the adorable superhero invites were ordered there was no going back. His one request was a bounce castle. He wanted a bounce castle to celebrate Barney's (our dog) 6th birthday on May 31st but we got one for his party instead. He was cool with that.

So, we had a bounce castle, cupcakes, capes for all, and juice boxes. What more could a 4 year old boy ask for? The weather was great, his friends were here and it was a good day. It was a little hard for this momma to come to grips with the fact that he is four. That it has really been four years since I met this boy. Four years since I became a mommy. Four years of watching him grow from a 6lb. newborn to the 38lb. little man he is today. He is the bright spot in my life and we think he is pretty SUPER so this party was very fitting for our sweet boy.

My nephews manned the sno-cone machine. Thanks guys!

Mom and I made the cupcake toppers. Kroger made the cupcakes. :)

Sweet boys lovin' the sand.

Clark and his buddy "Efan"

Super Clark.

Super Clark and the Super Treats.

SK loved the balloons.

The Super Snyders.

Super Shepard and papaw.

Super SK and Super Seth.

Make a wish my love.

The sweaty superhero.

A post party Snyder pic.
As you can see, it was an unbelievable day. The pictures may not capture it as great as they could because my good camera battery died about 15 minutes in, my phone says it is too full to hold new pictures, and I took most of the pictures on Stuart's phone, but I was still able to take a few! :)

We appreciate all of our friends and family (pictured or not) that came out to celebrate Clark. I know he loved it and we did too! It really was SUPER.

Side Notes:
1.The printable came from the Esty shop DimplePrints.
2.]Clark's cape came from fellow blogger Hillary and her shop Mint Julep Monograms.
3. My friend Staci made the shirts.
4. We rented the sno-cone and bounce castle from a local place called Party Right Productions.
5. I made three of the cute kids pictured. :)


  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with the photo of the four capes...and the shirts...and the photo of you with the twins and their super hero shirts...and...I could go on and on. What a cute idea!

  2. WOW! What a fun party! I don't know how you were able to get all that done with three kids running around!

  3. Everything is so stinking cute! What a great party you threw! I bet Clark loved it. Happy birthday to your big 4 year old!

  4. Oh what an awesome party!! Clark's cap was so cute! I cannot get over how much SK looks like you!! They are both so cute and sitting up so good! Glad y'all had a great weekend! Hope summer is going well!

  5. Great party idea! Love all the decorations. Looks like you all had a blast!


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