Monday, April 11, 2011

Breaking THE NEWS to My Class.

This morning I broke the news to my class! I thought about it all Spring Break about what I wanted to do. I have not been to creative in how I have told anyone else about the duo so I thought I would try to be creative with my third graders. So this morning we did a scavenger hunt. I thought about some possible clues this past week, but did not put it all together until this morning while they were working on their morning work. (Last minute- I know)
After morning work, I had my student teacher take them to the restroom while I hid all the clues. When they came back the hunt began!! I was so nervous that my hands were shaking!
Here was how it went:

I had them all look under their chairs for the 1st clue!


Clue #2 being located.


Looking for #3.

He needed some help finding it!
Finally it was found.

(Notice the clue of Double Mint Gum)

The hiding spot.

He found it!


Clue #5 has been found!

CLUE #5.
(Should read Be careful AND look- whoops!)

The book we were looking for!

This one was sooo much fun.
Once they found out they were so cute!! I wish I had a picture of the expressions- mine included!
After I broke the news I had TWINKIES for everyone!

Then we read the book.
(Me looking LARGE)

So happy to have shared the news!

It was so much fun! I loved sharing this news with them. I have already gotten some really good name suggestions so far- Romeo &; Juliet, Luke &; Leia, Ramona &; Beazus! ha! We shall see.


  1. So, that is the cutest idea ever! I told my class on the last day of school by playing hangman. I made them guess every letter in the puzzle and it was fun as some of them started figuring out what it said. But your idea is way better!
    I'm sure they were so excited!

  2. This is such a cute idea!!! I love it, how fun!!

  3. Looks like they had a blast!

    Ms. M

  4. How cute!!! I love the double mint gum and the twinkies! What a fun way to share :)

  5. How cute are you?? Loved this one!

  6. What a super fun way to announce to your class!!

  7. Such a cute way to share your news! My vote is for Ramona & Beazus, for sure! ;)

  8. This is why you are a teacher! That is such a creative idea.

  9. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Congrats!

    And yay for another third grade teacher! There aren't many of us out here in blogland!


  10. So much fun! Congrats on the twins! Yay for another third grade teacher! There aren't many out here in blogworld.


  11. This was such a cute idea! I can't wait to hear the other name suggestions! lol

  12. How sweet! I litteraly tear up when I read your 'stories'...
    I'm so happy for you...I have to let you in on a little secret of how I found out you are having twins. Here goes:

    Prissy has been teaching third grade for the past week or so...and of course, she's been "MRS SNYDER"...only she's got a really BIG BELLY playing MRS SNYDER (she stuff's her shirt).

    So, while playing school...I'm always MRS DRUMHELLER and my husband is always MR ANDES...
    So, Mrs. Drumheller says to Mrs. baby is growing alot. When is your baby due?

    Mrs. Snyder replies...THEY ARE DUE SOMETIME THIS YEAR....
    ha. she's so cute. at least she knows they will be here this year.

    I say THEY????

    Yes...I'm having TWO babies.

    I say REALLY???

    We stop playing for a minutes so she can explain, Yes really!

    So, congrats from me to you...and from the OTHER Mrs. Snyder!

  13. One of my students gave me that book last year when I was pregnant - it's such a cute book! I totally cried when I read it to my class, but that could have been the pregnancy hormones talking! :) Good luck with your pregnancy!


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