Friday, May 25, 2012

ER Take Two

Well, last Sunday we made our second visit to the Emergency Room in the past 8 months. My wild boy will be on a first name basis with the nurses before it is all said and done. This time I saw it happen. I saw the whole thing. I was upstairs in the playroom with all three kids and Stuart was downstairs on the couch recovering from what we think might have been food poisoning.(yuck). We were having a lazy, rainy Sunday. Clark was headed downstairs to find a missing car when it happened. He tripped. He hit the corner of the banister. There was blood. LOTS of blood. There were screams. LOTS of screams. Some screams from me, some from Clark and a few from Shepard who I put down to pick Clark up. Needless to say, Stuart was awoken and came running. We were quite the sight to be seen and just another reason I am pretty sure we could make big bucks with our own reality show. Blood everywhere, three kids screaming, me trying to get it all cleaned up, and Stuart vomiting. Oh yeah.  We got our act somewhat together and headed for the ER. We left sick daddy at home with the hungry babies and made our way.

After an easy check in, short wait, and evaluation (C weighs 40lbs by the way!! WHAT??!) it was decided he needed a stitch. So he was numbed, we waited, numbed again, we waited. While waiting we noticed it was getting busy and we saw some interesting character go by. Finally, the doctor came back and we got started. It was hard on this momma. I might or might not have asked the doctor if he had done this before when he was having trouble with the needle. He might have laughed at me. :) He really was a great guy and was great with C. However, after we thought we were done and the stitch was in, he did decide we needed another one. So we had to start all over. Many tears, two hours, twenty games of Angry Birds, and two stitches later we were all fixed up and checked out. It was quite the day and a tad bit scary for this momma.

Pitiful little man and his best buddy Mickey.

Two stitches.

Poor buddy.
I think he was most sad about the blood all over his pirate shirt.

Quick pic and a half smile on our way out.
We made it!!

Yes, he is quite a cute patient, but I hope we stay far away from the ER for some time.

Play Date

A few weeks ago I had a date.
It was with a very handsome boy.
A boy who is growing bigger, smarter and more handsome by the day.
A boy who will be too big for dates with his momma way too soon.
A boy who has stolen my heart.

I took this boy to lunch and to see the Lexington Children's Theater production of Good Night Moon. It was better than fabulous and of course I loved spending the afternoon with my big boy. The production was great and he lasted the whole show.  I am way behind on blogging due to Internet and computer issues and wrapping up the school year, but this date was too good not to blog about. I hope there are many more dates just like this one in my future. He is a keeper for sure!!

My big boy.

WILD boys. 

Ginny and Jack.

Mindy and Drew

Clark took took this one. :)

Meeting the characters after the show!

Me and my handsome date.

What a delightful day with my boy. Counting down the days until the next one.

Friday, May 4, 2012

InstaFriday Take:2

If it were not for my iPhone I would have very few pictures of the twins. I rely on it so much. So much in fact, that I have over 2,500 pictures and videos on it and I have no more memory. I need to delete. I can't bring myself to delete. How is it that I love all 2,500 pictures equally. I have most of them uploaded, on the blog or on my computer. I still cannot allow myself to push the red delete button. The other night SaraKate was VERY close to crawling and I wanted to take a video. I had no memory, Stuart's phone was dead. Good thing she is not our first child because I would have gone into full out panic mode. Instead we laughed about it.

I am still in love with InstaGram and I am still finding more and more twin moms, fellow bloggers and new peeps each week. So if you follow me on IG, you have seen all these before. But, my mom and dad have not so this post will make them very happy. Here is our week in pictures from my phone (well, until I ran out of memory...again)

Could not find this guy or Stuart's phone one morning.
Found him hiding under the covers playing Temple Run.

These two are ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

Big girl.

Good thing these two have a guard dog to protect them from the mommarazzi.

Daddy snuggle time one morning.

Sink baths are fun and perfect for twins!

Post meal time shot.

Someone has her papaw wrapped around her tiny 7 month old finger!

Papaw and the sassy one.

This boy. Words cannot describe.
When did he get so big, so smart, so handsome?
We even signed a preschool contract this week.
PRESCHOOL! 5 days a week.

It is Derby time in the Bluegrass State.
Hope you all have a  great weekend!!

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