Friday, May 25, 2012

Play Date

A few weeks ago I had a date.
It was with a very handsome boy.
A boy who is growing bigger, smarter and more handsome by the day.
A boy who will be too big for dates with his momma way too soon.
A boy who has stolen my heart.

I took this boy to lunch and to see the Lexington Children's Theater production of Good Night Moon. It was better than fabulous and of course I loved spending the afternoon with my big boy. The production was great and he lasted the whole show.  I am way behind on blogging due to Internet and computer issues and wrapping up the school year, but this date was too good not to blog about. I hope there are many more dates just like this one in my future. He is a keeper for sure!!

My big boy.

WILD boys. 

Ginny and Jack.

Mindy and Drew

Clark took took this one. :)

Meeting the characters after the show!

Me and my handsome date.

What a delightful day with my boy. Counting down the days until the next one.

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