Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snyder Circus Goes to the Farm.

I love a good theme. If you cannot tell I also like for my kids to coordinate. It is a fun game and might be a hobby that I enjoy. So for Halloween I have been thinking of a good coordinating theme since about July. I thought about LOTS of options from Cat In The Hat and Things 1 & 2 to Wizard of Oz characters. I thought of many way over the top ideas that I am storing for future years when I have more time (ha!!). But finally this year I just decided one day while at Target (aka my happy place) that I needed to make a decision. I was not leaving the store without costumes and I managed to meet that goal. I decided on a farm theme and went with it. 

I picked up a rooster and cow costume and a straw hat. I put out a plea on facebook for overalls and boots and bought a flannel at a yard sale. Grabbed a pair of yellow stripped pj pants from the we will grow into one day bin, I found the child sized rake in our garage and bought the feed bucket at Southern States and the costume theme was made. Add three cute kids and a wagon and I present to you The Snyder family farmyard friends.

Nearly impossible to get them all looking in the same direction, but they were so much fun! They did not mind being in costume, Clark was a HUGE help and he loved being a farmer. He did ask a few times why he was not a superhero, but he fully embraced the farmer look and it was way cute and a good thing since he wore the costume three times. Once to my old college dorm for trick or treat, once to church for trick or trunk and once again on Halloween night for a romp through our crazy busy neighborhood. His feed bucket was full and so is my memory card on my camera. This trio is WILD, but so much fun. I love my little farm friends and I hope that they let me coordinate their outfits for years to come - but not holding my breath.


Last year- My 3 year old alien, my 1 month old wild animals, and one still swollen momma Memories!

This year. My 4 year old farmer, my 13 month old farm animals and ZERO pictures with mommy. Memories!

I just love my little wild bunch and these pictures just make me smile. I am just happy I posted Halloween pictures before Christmas. Winning.


  1. what a great idea! your kids look fabulous!! you put the store bought costumes with the plastic masks my kids wore look pretty lame!!

  2. Their costumes were so cute!!!
    I can't get over how adorable they looked as newborns, though!

  3. Love the outfits!! Miss you all!


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