Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 is WICKED.

I have been dying to see Wicked. I feel like it has  been on my to-do list for years and I am sure Stuart is tired of hearing me talk about it. Last year Stuart got me tickets to see it for my 30th birthday. He gave them to me early on our way to the hospital to have the twins as I was crying and in shock that we were going to meet our babies much earlier than anticipated. He gave them to me in hopes they would make me smile and take my mind off the fact that we were headed to the hospital with no bags packed and without my camera. I was happy and excited, but they obviously did not take my mind of the task at hand. But he surely gets an A for effort. We did not get to use the tickets last year sadly though, because we lost Stuart's grandma and her funeral was the same day as the show. So this year Stuart tried again- bless his heart, to get me to the show. It almost did not happen again, but it did. We got there and it was AMAZING!

Yes, we got there. barely. Stuart was trying to do the right thing, he really was but he bought the tickets from some pop up ad company that popped up when he googled Wicked I'm pretty sure. Let's just say we never got the physical tickets. Two days before the show we called to see what to do since he ordered the tickets a month before and they were supposed to come FedEx and they were not even shipped yet. We got put on hold, we got a number to leave a message and we even got an emergency number to call if you were in the same situation e were in. REALLY? This was a common thing for them and that was not very settling. Did I mention these tickets were my birthday present? Did I mention that we had a babysitter willing to watch all three of our wild ones on a weeknight? Did I mention that I have been waiting for what seems like forever to see this show? I was not giving up. We called all the numbers. I left at least a dozen messages. I talked to "Pedro" at the "home office" a few times and FINALLY got word that the tickets would be at Will Call. That should have made me feel better right? WRONG. I was convinced it was a hoax and we would be out the money and I would be sidelined yet again.

My birthday came and it was a good day. I will admit that I was a little nervous thinking about the tickets all day. I called Will Call again and they were not there, but she said not to worry. Me worry. ha! I rushed home from work, got all the kiddos fed and ready for the sitter and we were out the door- headed to Louisville for a night out. Stuart took me to a restaurant where everything was way too fancy for us and way too fancy for a weeknight and I enjoyed it. Loved my dinner and might have loved the wine too! In the back of my mind I kept thinking about those darn tickets. After a lovely meal we walked to the theater with only a few minutes to spare. Stopped by will call and guess what...NO TICKETS! Que the tears. I am standing at will call with no tickets in my hand. I show them the confirmation email that has just the row, she needed seat numbers. So Stuart and I both sit down and pull out the emergency numbers AGAIN.

We call. We leave voice mails. I text the company's owner. He is on hold when the nice lady from will call comes out to the lobby. SHE FOUND OUR TICKETS. They were listed under the purchaser's name and our name was in the bi-line. We got the tickets. We ran to the door (literally) and made it to our seats (that were in the very last row, in the middle of the balcony- as far back as you can get...) minutes before the curtain raises. I was about to pee my pants, sweating from nerves and tear stained but so excited to actually be there. I cannot even describe how thrilled I was to see this show. During the first song I had to run out to the bathroom and run back to my seat. I know the older ladies working the doors got a kick out of me. Anyway. After that emergency bathroom break I don't think I moved from my seat the whole show. It was AMAZING. I loved it. I loved the story, I loved being there with Stuart and I LOVED the music. I was so glad it lived up to my expectations and all that stress was worth it. What a way to start my 31st year- minus the crazy ticket debacle.


Two things for you to take away from this story:
1. Run, don't walk to see Wicked if it comes your way.
2. When you do get tickets to your next show, please do not buy them from a pop up ad company.

We are going to see Beauty and the Beast in a few weeks, but we are using Stuart's parent's season tickets. This is already proving to be a less stressful date. However we do work well under pressure and it would not be true Snyder style if there wasn't a little drama.

Thanks again Stuart! I loved it so much and love you more.

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  1. Hey! I found your blog through my friend Meredith. I just had to comment because my husband and I are Wicked fans too! We've seen it in NYC, Charleston and will see it twice in Charlotte in March. We love it! I'm glad you finally got your tickets, that was such a close call.


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