Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Traveling Circus

Well folks, we did it. We took this circus on the road.

Last week we headed to FL for a much needed beach vacation. I had been planning and packing for quite sometime to make sure we had everything we needed for a flight, rental car and a week in the sun. I checked my list and checked it twice. I mean, two adults, two babies and one preschooler require quite a bit for a week away from home. The one thing I had not planned for was Debby. Yes, the tropical storm that arrived to The Sunshine State about the same time we did. I'll admit, she lived up to her name and was quite a downer but we made the most of our time away. We were not alone on this adventure. My parents flew with us (thank the Lord) and my younger brother met us there for a few days. My parents never rest and we had not seen my brother in 8 months so rain or no rain we were in good company and that was the best part.

We arrived very late Friday night and set up the pack and play, and put two VERY sleepy babies to bed. We had one wild eyed 4 year old who thought one am was wayyyy too early to go to bed. But once we convinced him that the beach was in his future if he just closed his eyes he finally gave in. We all found our beds and slept in them as long as our two, tiny, 9 month old alarm clocks would allow.  The house we stayed at belongs to our very dear friends and has a beautiful pool and we put it to good use bright and early Saturday morning...well after a doughnut and coffee run that is.

We enjoyed a few hours in the pool before Debby made her appearance...

So pool time was over just in time for naps and a trip to the grocery store. We picked up dinner and stayed in. It was not how I had pictured it in my mind.(and we all know how that goes) I had packed walking on the beach outfits, going out to dinner outfits and all that and this rain was not in my plan. But, the pizza, beer, and family time could not have been better.

So for the first few days we dodged the rain, swam in between storms, the boys got 10 holes of golf in before getting rained out and we did a whole lot of lounging around indoors.  We finally hit the beach on Monday for a few minutes and get our toes wet before lunch. We were all fully clothed and ready for lunch but that did not stop Clark from throwing sand and falling in the waves. Of course I brought no change of clothes and he might have had to eat soaking wet- but we were at the beach right?! 

From our little pre-lunch adventure it was obvious that Clark LOVED the beach so my brother, Stuart and I took him back later that evening. He had a ball. We have not been to the beach since he was 13 months old so seeing him run, jump and squeal at the waves was so much fun.

Uncle Lance left on Tuesday and the weather got a little better each day. For the rest of the week did a whole lot of pool swimming, pj wearing, and our goal each day was to find a local, hole in the wall, tasty place to eat. One of my favorite things about vacation is that our biggest decision each day is where to eat dinner. Let me tell you we found some GOOD ones.

When we did make it to the beach for our first "offical" beach day it was soooo windy and Shepard was not a huge fan, might have had a little sand in his eye, and might have fallen asleep pretty quickly. Clark of course did not want to leave and Sara Kate loved every minute of it. Of course she did, people watching, water and lots of things to put in her mouth. ha! My parents ended up taking Shep to a bench in the shade while we let the wild ones play. 

The week was delightful even though Debby tried her best to put a damper on it. While we were there Stuart and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and my parents kept the kids and we enjoyed a night out- just the two. of us. On Thursday we even got to have a play date with my friend Sara and her sweet girl. Sara moved to FL nearly 3 years ago for her husband's job and we don't get to see them nearly enough. It was great to spend the afternoon with them. We swam, had lunch on the porch and caught up on things. It was a highlight of my week for sure. 

We also ate in shifts one night and my mom and dad went out alone and we put the babies to bed and then when they got back we took Clark out on a "date" with us. We found this really great place to eat outside and did not get seated at our table until nearly 9:00. Let me tell you he thought he was so cool staying up late with us. He was so good, so funny and quite entertaining. We loved this meal with our special little man. 

Our Clark date was our last meal in FL and it was a perfect way to end the wild week. I am so thankful for my parents for going with us and putting up with our craziness to make this week possible. Sometimes it seems a little unreal that we made it there with all our stuff and made it home  and lived to tell about it. I'm telling you- we cause a scene wherever we go. They should release the security camera tapes from us going through security at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and it would be an instant YouTube sensation. No kidding. Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Dana and Fred! Thanks Lance. We love you all!! And if this post was not already overloaded with pictures here are a few more from our week. (Hey, it is my blog. You don't like my picture flood- don't read my blog. - just sayin'. :)

Growing up we went to the beach nearly every summer in North Carolina. I have such fond memories of beach trips and I hope my kids have a few of those memories too. If they don't I do have a few pictures to prove it. ha!!  This year it was Florida. It was different, it was fun and it was a great stop for the Snyder Traveling Circus.


  1. Oh those red chairs are to DIE for. Seriously. They are adorable! Yay for traveling with three kiddos! =)

  2. Way to go! Sorry that the storm messed with your first few days! Looks like you guys made the best of it though!

  3. I love, love your blog! I'm so impressed by all you do. You can never overdo pictures when they are that cute! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ok!!! I just love this!!! You and your family are ADORABLE!! And that blue chevron sun dress you are wearing on the beach is so cute!!!!!


  5. I love your picture flood! What a great vacation despite the weather, and what great memories! :)

  6. Oh how exciting!!!! I'm so glad y'all had a great trip despite the rain! Going anywhere with kids is a triumph! Especially beach...and throw in that 2 of 3 of twin babies! I say, you rock mom! Certainly an inspiration! I know what you mean about causing a scene wherever you go! I feel the same! But I must say its gotten way easier and I just dive in and go for it! We are forgoing the beach since babies are not quite sitting up on their own this summer:( laila(5 year old) keeps asking why aren't we going? At least I have ...we went to Disney to skate by on....2013 watch out cause ready or not the wades will have to hit the gulf coast wide open. Busy toddlers and all!!

  7. Great blog - so glad you all were able to enjoy in spite of Debby!

  8. Looks like yall had a blast! Love their bathing suits and chairs!!


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