Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MidWeek Randoms.

 Random pretty much sums up my life right now. Busy, Crazy and Random. School is in full swing, Clark's school is back in session, I am trying to work out more, I am trying to keep up at work and working hard to keep the laundry piles to a minimum. I am thrilled for the 4 day weekend and secretly hoping to spend some of it at school to get things marked off my list. Not long, just long enough to peek our from under my to dos. Here are a few random thoughts of mine...

 1. The kids from my first year teaching are SENIORS this year. They were 3rd graders then and it was a rowdy bunch that kept me on my toes, taught me so much and made me shed many a tears. I may have searched a few of them out on Facebook to see pictures of what they look like today. I hope they are all on paths to greatness. I am in a different county now and don't hear about them so I am curious about what they have become.

2. We went to one of the Snyder favorite spots this weekend- Keeneland. But there was no betting, no cute attire and no adult beverages. This trip was to an event called Touch A Truck. It was an event that Clark got a ticket to for his birthday from our friend Seth. He was very excited and we figured Shep would love it too. It is an event to support the Child Care Council and they have every sort of truck or large mode of transportation available to sit in, honk the horn and get up close and personal with. We had a great time but it was HOT. Seriously HOT. Like sweaty mess hot. Thank goodness for the juice box vendors, FREE ice cream from the Schwan's man and bottled water. The horns were loud, but I would call it a good day.

 3. I am in love with FALL. I am excited for it. However, I am not looking forward to patios closing up for the season. I love outdoor dining. I am not sure if it is because I feel like my kids are not as bothersome to others when we are outside or what, but if there is a patio we are on it. This weekend we ate at one of our favorite local spots- Wallace Station. Something about picnic tables, live music, room for Clark to run, and cookies the size of your head makes me extra happy.

 4. Ezra is not A. I am sorry if you don't watch PLL (Pretty Little Liars)- but I do. Yes, I know it is childish, mindless, junk but I am addicted and I watch it weekly. I am hooked and last night was the summer finale. No, Ezra is not A. No, I am not sure why a hot, smart grown man would want to mess with teenage girl drama- but I do not think he is A. I think they want us to think he is A- but I am not buying it. Someone at work today said Aria and Ezra were a team and they were both A. I am not buying that either. I really wish I knew- and parts of last night were extra cheesy, like CeeCee hoping up and running away after that fall.... COME ON. It is silly and it is ridiculous but I will be tuned in for the next season. Do you watch? If so will you be tuning in to watch Ravenswood? They jury is still out on that one.

5. Clark had his first day of PreK last week. It was no where near as traumatic as last year. (HERE) However, I did learn that he is one of, if not the tallest and oldest in his class. He is doing kindergarten work. This may be his kindergarten year and I did not know it!! He is doing K work this year and we will have to make a decision at the end of the year what to do with him for next year. His teacher said we would decide based on how much he matures this year. He could go to 1st grade, he could stay and do K with her again or he could go to public K- which here is 1/2 day and might be a small step backward for him. It makes my mind reel to think about it- but I don't have to worry about it for a while. For now I am pretending he is in Pre K and I am just going to watch him enjoy his year.

6. I am doing better at this running bit. I have run at least a few nights/ mornings a week and ran a 5K on Saturday with my friend Mindy and a group of girls. It was a run in Louisville called The Dirty Girl Run. It was a girls only mud run 5K to support breast cancer awareness. It was so much fun. Dirty, gross but challenging and fun! I would recommend it to any group of girls. We had a blast. I was a late addition to the team as someone got hurt and could not race. They had super cute outfits and a Wonder Woman theme and it was loads of laughs and fun with free beer at the end!

7. I am still in love with my new school. My building is dreamy and the people I work with are on top of their games. I am slowly getting the hang of teaching all subjects again. I have one of the best classes I have ever had and the smallest class size I have ever had. I have had some rough years and this year has been such a blessing. I am learning so much and hope that I will be able to make a positive difference on each one of my kid's lives.

8. I am ready for bed and it is 8:45. Did I mention I am ready for the long weekend?? My momma will celebrate a BIG birthday this weekend. It has a 6 and a zero in the number and we are going to get to spend some time with her and I am excited for that.

9. The duo wore some new jammies last night. They are Toy Story pjs that I got ages ago on super duper clearance and they are size 3T, but I decided last night was the night to break them out. They were beyond adorable and Shep was thrilled. He loves Woody. This picture was a huge hit on Facebook last night and I printed it today, framed it and put it on my desk because it makes me smile.

10. Last one. I found out today I am getting a student teacher on Tuesday. Her placement fell through and they needed someone and I volunteered. I know it will be a blessing and I am excited to share my super sweet class with her.

Shew. I am worn out, but somewhat caught up with blogging. ha!! I need to share summer pics and stories and the adorable Lego party pics and Clark's birthday wish post. I had better get to it before the duo's party rolls around in a FEW WEEKS.

I am linking up with fellow twin mom Megan and lots of other people who are random on this Wednesday.

Happy MidWeek Y'all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Things.

Well, it is Teacher Week and I thought that would be no better time to get back in the blog swing. We are in week two of school and I am and have been consumed by all things back to school. I have not even blogged about summer or Clark's birthday party but I am hoping to get back to it. I am hoping that some sort of routine and a computer that is sometimes working will encourage me to read blogs and maybe even post every now and then. I've missed it. No matter my blogging funk, I never miss Teacher Week and I figured there would be no better time that now to get back on the blog wagon.

Today is Meet The Teacher. So here goes...

Meet Mrs. Snyder

1. I want to be a librarian so badly! I know I will never go back to school to get my library science degree since I have already earned my Master's Degree and my National Board Certification- so I am thinking that the next best thing will be to own a children's book store when I retire from teaching. I am thinking it will be something like The Shop Around The Corner from You've Got Mail. That is not too much to wish for right??!?

2. I am married to a funny, golf loving, super dad. We met in undergrad and were married the summer after my first year teaching. We stayed in our college town and it is now our home. We have three children and a 90 lb. dog. Our oldest is 5 and is in preschool NOT kindergarten like EVERYONE asks about and our twins will be 2 in September. They are a WILD bunch and make us laugh all day, every day.

3. I gave up Diet pop in May and have now turned to sparking water and have an unhealthy obsession with Hansen's Lime Water, and La Croix Grapefruit. I need that fizz and it makes me pretty happy. I try to drink lots of regular water too but the sparkling kind just adds a little pep in my step. If I am in dire need of caffeine I will have an unsweet Tea and I have had a random DDP or DC here and there, but I have definetly kicked the habit.

4. Reading to my class is my all time favorite thing to do. I make it my goal to read to them each day. I LOVE the moans and groans when we have to stop a chapter when time is up! I LOVE when they get so involved in a story that they beg me to continue. I LOVE having conversations about characters and seeing them check out books in the same genre or by the same author after I have finished a book. I love to make them laugh, cry and become part of each book we read.  Some of my all time favorite read alouds are Bud, Not Buddy, Love, Ruby Lavender, A Dog's Life, My Father's Dragon and Matilda- Just to name a few.

5. This is year 10 in the classroom for me. I have spent 2 years in 2nd, 5 years in 3rd and this year begins my 3rd year in 5th. I NEVER thought I'd teach 5th grade- NEVER. But I have grown to love it. I would like to go back down someday, but I am enjoying my time with the big kids.

6. I am on an exciting adventure this year. This year I accepted a position at the brand new elementary school in our town. It has been an amazing opportunity. I have met some of the most wonderful people and I am surrounded by the hardest working people in the biz. The building is AMAZING, but the people I work with each day make it even better. There are no slackers. Everyone wanted to be there, everyone gives 100%, everyone has a positive attitude, everyone is forward thinking and is keeping me on my toes! I am teaching 5th grade self contained and it is all new to me. I have never taught 5th grade math or social studies. I feel like it is my first year teaching all over again.  The content and planning part have been a challenge but challenges are good for us and I am thankful for the chance to be in this place and am accepting the challenge and giving it all I have. I know this year will be great. We are 6 days into the school year and it has been such a blessing.

Load ONE of 1,987 into the new building.

Our beautiful library.

Our cafeteria.

7. I really want to be a runner. I want to be that girl who runs mile after mile everyday. I make plans to try. I have attempted a few times but I think I am afraid of failing and am a little gun shy. I have a mental block and tell my self that this is the week to make a change almost every week. I am hoping to be in a running /walking routine by my 32nd birthday next month. I set my alarm to run this morning at 5:00 am and hit snooze until 6. Fail. Tomorrow I will try again. Any tips?

8. I am obsessed with children's clothing. I love all things smocked, monogrammed, boutique, appliqued- you name it. I have great taste but REFUSE to pay full price for anything. I am a yard sale, flash sale, consignment sale queen. I love a good deal and it is my favorite hobby to buy my kids cute clothes for fractions of the price. Loads of people ask me what my secrets are and how I find such great deals and the only thins I can think of is that I never stop looking. I am always on the lookout for a good deal. I can spot a name brand from a mile away at a yard sale and know when to stop and when to drive by. It is an art that I have nearly perfected. I think I need a reality show...or maybe just an intervention! ha!

9. My husband and I share a love for pizza. The stranger the pizza the more likely we are to order it. We love specialty pizzas and the best one we've ever had was from a little place in Boston and it had a balsamic salad on top of it. We talk about that pizza at least once a month.

10. I am an Instagram addict. My husband makes fun of me when I talk about my "friends". He always asks if I am talking about my "real friends" or "virtual friends". I have "met" so many twin moms, teacher moms and people who are in a similar phase of life that I am in. It makes my crazy seem less crazy and serves as a great social media outlet. I know that is why my blogging is lacking because I have such a quick share spot on IG. Do I follow you? I am snyderstories. Find me.

It is now 10:15 and I have plans to look over, content to learn and 5th grade job applications to review. I turn in to a pumpkin very soon, so I will close.
Thanks so much for stopping by. If you are new here, HELLO! If you are still following after my leave of absence. I will be back. I have stories to share and I hope to share those soon.

Have a great rest of your day!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Special Tea

This year was Clark's first year of Montessori and I have mentioned before that I was not sure we would make it one month. He cried daily. He was whiny, we had reports everyday of him acting out or being silly. I saw the other kids everyday doing what they were supposed to be doing, creating beautiful work and using manners. Then there was my whiny kid that I had to pull off the playground each day at pick up because he would not listen to me. I knew that it was different and all new to him. I knew he was not used to not taking a nap. I knew what a great, smart and funny kid he was I was just hoping they would keep him around long enough to see it too.

Well, of course they did and I am so glad. Something clicked with him after Christmas and he started doing so well. He was writing words, naming all the continents, naming the oceans, talking about photosynthesis and sounding out everything. I was impressed and loved picking him up everyday to hear about his day. Yes, most days I had to drag him off the playground, and yes there were still whiny days but he loved it. I loved it and I was so glad we made the decision to send him there. One of the best days this year was the Mother's Day Tea.

The Mother's Day Tea was so special for me as my first Mother's Day school event. I have always made gifts with my students to  send home for their moms but have never been on the receiving end. It was so much fun. They spent so much time on all the gifts and Clark was so proud of the whole event. It started with a sweet invitation written by him. He brought home the invitation and asked me to wear a fancy dress and asked if he could wear a tie! GASP! (I wish his daddy would take some notes). It was adorable and I knew the day would be so adorable. It did not disappoint. 

The tea was during my lunch and recess time at school so I got to go without worrying about sub plans which was great! I walked over to his school and all the other moms were gathering on the playground. We were asked to wait until we were escorted in. It was so cute. Each child came out one by one to get their mommas. Some were shy and sweet and some were bounding out of the door yelling. I might have been that mom that teared up when my guy in a tie waltzed out to pick me up. I might have had flash forwards to him in high school and flashbacks to him as a baby all at the same time. I am not sugar coating it when I say it was special.

They sang to us, they served us food, they did not eat until we ate. It was adorable. Clark told me all the things on my plate that he helped cut, and pour and mix. Am I crazy to think this was so cute? He ate so quickly so that I would finish and open my gifts. The gifts were handmade, he wrapped them in wrapping paper he made. It was too much. Seriously there should be Montessori School for dads. Mrs. Michelle are you listening? Have a dads camp next summer. k?  It was a special day and I was so glad I was able to spend it with my big guy.

People ask me all the time if he will be in kindergarten in the fall. The answer is no. He turned 5 on 6/12 and could go. But he will not be going. He will be going back to his amazing school with his loving teachers for another year of preschool and then most likely will stay the next year for kindergarten and public school will wait until he is 7. That could all change with my new job and other things, but as for this coming school year he will still be a preschooler and I get at least one more tea.

FYI My computer is fixed! I need a new battery, but I have a long list of blog posts to catch up on including new job, 5th birthday Lego party, Summer Fun and more. I am hoping to crank out a few more this week! :) Yay! So glad some of you have hung around and even read this post!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Our Weekends Count.

I am not filled with working mom guilt. Sometimes I even fell guilty that I am not filled with working mom guilt but I love my job (most days), I love the little adult conversation that my job allows, I love doing what I am good at and hopefully making a positive impact on a few kids along the way. But I do love weekends. I will not say I live for weekends, but I like to live up the weekends. The weekend is my battery recharge and my time with my family. During the work week I only see my children at their worst and the weekend I get to see all of them- the good, bad and ugly.

What do I mean? Well... I do not see my kids in the morning. I leave my house at around 6:45 (well, I try to anyway) and they are all still in bed. I pack lunches, lay out clothes and all that jazz, but Stuart gets them up, fed, dressed and out the door each morning. They are usually so happy in the mornings and I don't get to see that. By the time I get them in the afternoons they are grumpy, they are hungry and we are all tired.  I pick up Clark from school as soon as I put my school kids on the bus. I usually walk right over to his school from my bus line and pick him up. He then comes to school with me for about an hour and a half while I wrap up the day, go to meetings, grade papers and close down room 204. He usually plays on my iPad, watches a TV show or colors. Not a whole lot of interaction as I am still in work mode. We talk- yes, but he does not have all of me.

At about 4:30 we head to pick up the babes. They are always excited to see me, but the excitement is short lived. By the time we walk in the house they are all standing at the pantry whining for food. I am trying to give them something to eat to keep them at bay while I struggle to find something to fix for dinner.  (I am the queen of- "oops I forgot to lay out the meat"!) While I cook dinner they are at my feet. They are whiny. They are usually in tears. They are on my nerves and I have only seen them for such a short time. I hate that they are on my nerves and I try to remain clam, but usually at least one night a week someone if not all of them end up in timeout and I need a beer while cooking dinner.

Then we eat. After we eat we clean up. After we clean up it is bath time- sometimes we will take a walk depending on the severity of the mess and the weather outside. After clean up or walk it is bath time. After all are bathed it is usually bedtime. Yes, that quickly. The little ones go to bed at 7:00. They are toast after 7:00. So 7:00 it is. After bedtime routines we have about 45 minutes to an hour with Clark before he goes to bed at 8:00. We usually work outside- he loves that, play a game, watch a show or play in the play room. At 8:00 he gets  bedtime stories from daddy and I am cleaning something. By 9:00 I am toast too. I can be found on the couch watching mindless TV, reading blogs, and playing Facebook or Instagram. I clean up the kitchen, put in some laundry and pick up any toys that are scattered first, because once I sit down there is no going back. If the dishwasher and the washer are both running it makes me feel better about sitting down- like I accomplished something anyway. I should be working out, I should be blogging, I should be doing something productive- but I just cannot. Our evenings FLY by. We are like a machine when we get home and by the time they are in bed I am not far behind. I usually make my way to bed between 10 and 11depending what is on TV and if I have fallen asleep on the couch already. Exciting I know.

SO- This is why I NEED the weekend. I need to see my kids when they are happy. I NEED time to talk to my husband. I NEED to be outside. I NEED no schedule. So yes, our weekends are usually packed full of activities- but we always have down time and I try to soak it all in. I have a great job because I get summer break, spring break, fall break, holidays and I NEED them all. This time is wild, but I would have it no other way. Summer break is in 23 days and our days will change drastically.  I will have all of them everyday all day and yes, it will be a new challenge but I am so excited for it. I NEED it.

Some visual examples of why I heart weekends:
 1. There is time for patio dining and playground playing in our neighborhood.

2.There is time for birthday parties with friends.

3. There is time for outdoor festivals.

4. There is time for ice cream dates.

5. There is time for dress up and light saber battles.

6. There is time for picnics at church.

7. There is time for parties at C's school.

8. There is time for so much more than whining, dinner and baths. Yes, all of that is included in our weekends too- BUT there is time for other things and the other things are much needed.

What do your weekends look like?
Am I the only one who is thankful for weekend time?

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